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Mike Sloggatt is a Wizard at math and angles. I wish he'd been my math teacher in high school! - Gary Katz

For nearly thirty-five years Mike Sloggatt has been working in construction; he's spent the last twenty-eight years specializing in high-end challenging remodels near his home on Long Island. A master of many trades, Mike works on everything from framing mind-bending roofs to installing fine finish work. He juggles his time in the field with demonstrations at JLC Live, The Remodeling Show, IBS, local NARI events, and Katz Roadshow clinics at lumberyards around the country. Mike is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Light Construction; he writes for Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the Trade, and moderates the JLC Rough Carpentry Forum.

Like many carpenters, school failed Mike-he learned trigonometry on his own, working on jobsites, first with a framing square, then with a calculator. Those hard-earned lessons make Mike an ideal math instructor. When it comes to math, he won't let an audience down. Mike's motto: "No Carpenter Left Behind


Text Box: Providing Education for the Trades

Check Mikes Calendar pages to find a location near you. Pick up  a few tips to make your work easier , faster  and more efficient. Carpenters across the country have all benefited from spending a few hours at one of His seminars or live workshops. 

Text Box: Continuing Education in the Construction Field is an important part of a successful  Contractors routine, Unfortunately there is not much available that’s practical and is not part of a sales Pitch. Mike has teamed up with Major Corporations, Onsite Productions, The Katz Roadshow and Lumberyards across the country to bring informative and enjoyable training out to the field. This Website contains Links to Articles, Show events and for those that have attended a session and would like to revisit the Powerpoints and graphics, a link to Pdf’s Powerpoints , videos and more information .  Enjoy your visit. 

If you are a Lumberyard, Manufacturer or Construction firm and would like to book Mike for an event or training session, Use the email link or Contact information Found on our Contact pages

Mike has been involved in the construction industry since 1972 , Running his own company since 1979.

He’s been around the block a few times, and he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve , especially when takes out his Construction Master Calculator. In addition to being informative, his sessions are entertaining. Mike has been Speaking publicly for over 32 years and continues to hone his communication skills . From Novice to seasoned Pro, there is always something to learn